Monthly Archive:: June 2015

Love Where You Eat…and Cook!

kitchen renovation ideasWith the new push to eat healthy and not grab fast food on the way home, there is a desire to cook. But, as Americans, we have to have something catchy that will keep out attention as we do anything. That is where kitchen remodeling and renovating has come into play. If you look at the newest advances in kitchen appliances, three things will draw your attention.


  1. Good lord, that refrigerator can help me check my email

Technology has taken over the vast majority of life within a home. Whether it is playing a digital version of the beloved board games from previous generations, watching TV instead of having real family time, or shopping from the comfort of your couch; technology is all over the place and has changed our lives. Now, as a time saver, Samsung has released a refrigerator that can display TV shows or DVD movies along with checking your email. Me personally, I don’t stare at my fridge long enough to need to watch TV on it, however, I could see practicality in having it display a recipe you are working on. One other technological advance is the home barista equipment that we all want (and don’t know how to use) in our homes. It’s cheaper than buying coffee at a coffee shop right?


  1. Colors that Pop

The next big thing in kitchen advances is that appliances need their own identity. This is achieved through bold, popping colors; think orange, red, yellow, or the occasional pastel to set off the white or black overtone in your kitchen. At any rate, gone are the days of the subtle appliance; it is far more likely that your guests will notice your bright appliances before noticing the cabinetry that you added.


  1. Speaking of Cabinets, let’s modernize!

Those that are modernizing their kitchen are also going minimal.  They want cabinets and drawers to accent their pretty counters. They also want maximum space without all of the bulk. And with modern looking cabinet storage comes modern ways to open the cabinets as well. But while cool and nice to look at, they don’t hold a candle to the awesome technology in these kitchens…