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Basement: Is it a Man Cave or a Family Hangout?

You built your dream house. It is everything you ever wanted. But now you have to figure out what to do with that basement. Are you going to turn it in to a man cave? What about installing those new quartz kitchen countertops you’ve had your eye on down there? Or does it get to be the family’s hangout and Movie Theater? Do your kiddos get to inherit it for their friends’ hangouts? Here are some helpful ideas for each of the aforementioned ideas.  Let’s presume you are a household consisting of a mother, father, and at least two kids.

The Man Cave

man cave constructionEveryman’s home owning dream is to have their own space to sprawl out and just be men and relax – but always have in mind that if something goes really bad then you’re probably will have to find a drug possession defense lawyer. I am talking big, plush recliners to kick up his feet in and relax with a cold one in his hand. He needs that big 60” TV to accompany him as he yells at the refs running the game, no matter who is playing. The man needs a wet bar to keep fully stocked for his friendly hangouts and sports enjoyment. Throw in some cabinets with it and supply his snacks for the game without him having to see the light of day for the weekend! Just make sure to sound proof it so you can enjoy your other endeavors above ground while he screams at his team for passing on 4th and Goal from the one-yard line.


Family Movie Theater

man cave theatreSo you want the theater experience without the price of seeing a movie every other day? Here’s what you need. First, surround sound and sound proofing. Enjoy the movie quality sound at home in style by adding plush, comfy couches and chairs with stadium seating platforms. And for a true theater experience, install a projector and projector screen or just have a large white wall. Top it all off with a Blu Ray player and you will be all set to escape on wild adventure and comical exploits with your whole family.  And by the way, don’t forget the old-fashioned popcorn maker and snow cone maker on the outside of the theater for that extra touch!

Let your kiddos rule the basement

man cave gamingRemember how I said you had at least two kids? Will, with this basement, it is going to seem like you have at least five. What you are going to do is this. First, give them games to play. I’m talking a cabinet with board games, a Nintendo Wii for active games, and a real gaming console of their choosing (PS4 or XBOX1). Then, give them at least two TV’s so that when they don’t want to play together, they do not have to. Then, add a Ping Pong table and possibly a pool table for their entertainment. Give them a refrigerator and freezer and a mini bar to entertain at (Soda and Lemonade anyone?).…