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Why Paint Your Walls Neutral Colors? It’s Boring… Well Maybe Not

neutral interior paintingEveryone has heard it. White rooms look like hospitals! Why paint your house like a hospital room and make it look so sterile and clinical? And yet, despite hearing this all the time from people, contractors and interior painting winnipeg alike are still pushing for this strategy in certain rooms of your house. The question is…why?


Maybe it is your personality

Some people have a constant, vibrant personality that is meant to brighten a room. These people probably have very bright, colorful walls. But the person with white or natural colors on their walls is probably a very balanced person, showing off flares of their personality every now and again. So, they keep their walls neutral and accent the room with characteristics of their personality in the form of accenting furniture or accessories. And they won’t be painting their walls all the time!

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They want to show off their taste

Sure, it is fairly easy to find furniture that goes with your vibrant walls. Most furniture is designed to blend with all types of paints in rooms, otherwise there would have to be specialized furniture sections for each color of paint. But what takes talent is taking the clinical looking, white painted room and turning it into a warm home. That is where their ability to choose vibrant accents that flow together comes into play.


Regardless of their motivation, it is a trend in the painting world currently by many painters. Maybe it looks ritzy; all the rich people in movies have natural toned walls in their penthouses or mansions, except the old timey mansions (looking at you Bruce Wayne).Or maybe, they just thought it would brighten the room without the worry of whether or not the orange paint would be too bright or not look the way they wanted it to.…