Making Your Kitchen a Hangout

kid friendly kitchen designHello Moms and Dads! You spend a lot of time in the kitchen when your kids are home, whether being the doting mom with snacks for the kids or prepping meals for dinner that night. Your kids, however, spend very little time in the kitchen, preferring the grab and go snack method. Here are some ways to get your kids to love being in the kitchen and make cooking a family affair.


Buy Cool Appliances Your Kids Will Want to Play With

Especially when your kids are younger, having cool appliances that are easy to use allow kids to survive and thrive in the kitchen. Buying that cool, blue blender and telling your kid to make some whipped cream for your desert is an easy way to get them involved. And your kid will love “sampling” the finished product. So replace that old blender you have had since your first apartment and start creating memories.


Sleek and User Friendly

Again, presuming you have kids, they will want the appliances to be user friendly so that they can help you create the Thanksgiving Dinner you make every year. Pick easy tasks and let your kids use the appliances. Teach your kid how to cook bacon and teach them safe cooking practices. If you make it easy when they are young, they will be crazy confident cooks when they move away for college. If not, Ramen is a good option!


Add an Everything Closet to Hide Clutter

You don’t need jackets thrown about your kitchen. Give your family a place to hide everything away from prying eyes and add a closet where all of this clutter can find a home. Whether it is a spot for jackets, keys, or the random things your kids play with, put it away in the cabinet before grabbing an apron and enjoying time cooking.


Finally, Add a Sleek Dishwasher

I know, you want your kids to wash dishes. But here’s the thing: you already spend a large chunk of your time in the kitchen, why spend more of it tediously washing dishes by hand? Buy a dishwasher and use it, then grab your kids and vacate the kitchen for a while to enjoy some well-earned family time. Then, when the dishwasher is finished, cut up some fruit and enjoy it as desert while putting dishes away.