Making Your Living Room Represent You

living room ideasApart from those that think their home should be painted white or a natural color, there are those that wish to paint their rooms to suit their personality. What this does is it instantly add that quality to the room as a whole, making it seem more in tune with you or your family’s personality. If you are considering painting your walls in a colorful hue or tone, here is what the different colors mean and will ultimately say about you.


Soft, Warm Colors

These are going to be your yellows and oranges, those colors that resemble a fire burning in the night. They are meant to show your exuberance and outgoing personality. These colors stimulate others into being more open and talkative, so if you are one to have parties and get-togethers, maybe having a room this shade would be a good idea. Furniture accents could be a nice brown or a cooling hue, if these are going to require painting or moving around it’s probaby best to hire a reliable local renovation company to head up the heavy lifting.

Maybe You Are a Soft, Cool Person

Maybe you are more introverted and love coming home to a peaceful home. Your home is your sanctuary, your resting place, and it sooths you. Go with a nice cooling blue or nonaggressive green in your home to bolster that feeling of peace. Maybe add hints of orange and yellow vibrancy to keep the mood up, but stay relaxed in your living room with these colors.


Glitz and Glamour

Are you one to follow the ins and outs of everything Hollywood? Do you find yourself drawn to the colors and jewels worn by the biggest celebrities at events? Then maybe you need to stick to this category and choose vibrant colors like ruby and sapphire. These colors can make small spaces feel bigger and drab spaces feel first class.  You may want to test this out in a less travelled area of your house, maybe a closet or a hallway. Or, if you are comfortable with the color, just dive right in and paint away!