Safety Guidelines At The Worksites

Most of the work done at construction sites is hazardous. In most cases, the employees deal with excavation, power tools, height, noise, dust and other equipment, which can cause a lot of damage if not used correctly. Other times, fatalities at construction Worksites are caused by falls, electrocutions, being caught in-between or being struck by objects. It is therefore, important to follow the outlined occupational health safety guidelines.

How to prevent injuries at construction sites and improve worker’s safety


a) Management safety

The management has to put in place safety guidelines and measures. Every employee should be inducted into this from the beginning. Also, it is advisable to impose serious penalties in case of breach of such standards so that the employees can take them seriously.

b) Create accountability at every level

Every person, regardless of the position held should be held accountable for breaches in safety standards. Thus, accountability should be at all levels. When this is done, everyone will be aware of what has to be done, not only to protect him or herself, but also the other workers.

c) Fall protection system

In the construction sites, there should be systems in place to break a fall in case it happens. It is horrifying to see people working at great heights without any fall protection system in place. This should not be tolerated.

d) Proper training

In-job training should be done in order to ensure the employees are competent to execute their jobs. It is less likely for fatalities to happen when everyone is doing his or her job in the correct manner. Hiring unqualified staff in order to spend less in meeting the wages is expensive in the end because it means the rate of fatalities will go up.

e) Make safety discussions a part of everyday conversation

When something is repeated more often, it is likely to be practiced. Therefore, ensure discussions on safety at the construction site are included in daily conversations. The site should be prepared well prior to starting the construction work. Death and injury prevention measures should be taken seriously.


Even though you are making great progress in the building process, you will not be at peace when you keep losing employees on a daily basis, just because you do not want to follow the laid down standards. For people who do not know how to prepare construction Worksites to minimize injuries and fatalities, the occupational health department has comprehensive documents to guide you on this. It is by investing in safety measures that you enjoy smooth running of a construction project.